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A native Colombian and lover of all things digital, I'm your modern brand's digital architect!

I've been developing and refining my storytelling skills all my life. My childhood dream of video storytelling was sparked in my early teens when I visited the CNN studios in Atlanta. I was in awe of the lights, the cameras, and the crowds and felt inspired by how telling a story from one spot could transmit a message and connect people, globally.

This passion drove me to work on the biggest stages in entertainment, news and sports with world-renowned journalists, such as Barbara Walters, and Dan Lebatard at some of the biggest broadcast stages in the game.

As the world moved away from traditional TV and into the digital world, so did I.

During the pandemic in 2020, people started turning to social media for help. I used my digital strategy and social media know-how to provide assistance to businesses that saw themselves in this new world of online relationship-building. My work helped them create a voice on social media that connected to their audience in a genuine way. That's why I founded SaralinaDigital in the fall of 2020.

Why Saralina ? Saralina is the combination of my first name and middle name “Carolina." As a storyteller, I believe that brands should use content to tell authentic stories that connect with their audience. So, when it was time to create my own brand name, I knew exactly what I wanted -- SaralinaDigital was created as an extension of my brand values.

Now, my passion is helping brands like yours tell stories that stick through video marketing that speaks your audience’s language.

Aside from being a full-time creative, communicator, and entrepreneur, I’m also a Mommy of a boy and wife to my wonderfully supportive husband.


In my spare time, you can catch me enjoying Latin music, dancing in my living room, and teaching my baby songs in French and Spanish.

Thank you for being part of the SaralinaDigital community!

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Sarah C. Sweeney, MBA

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